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It's Taco Tuesday!

Today was officially Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, official or not. About 10 of the girls from work get together and head to Fiesta for some mexican food...I don't think anyone ever actually orders a taco, but the name Taco Tuesday just sounds nice. So, this is one of those restaurants where you get a free basket of chips and free bowl of salsa. Anytime you go in there you will get one per table. ONE. If you go with us, on a Tuesday (or any other day we decide to go) you will see a table COVERED in chips and salsa. We get one per person. Hey, they're free and they're good and we love 'em. So, basically we waste our money even ordering food because we could just sit and eat free chips all day, but their burritos and enchiladas are extra yummy. So, today was Taco Tuesday and I ate like it was the last Tuesday to ever be.

On another note, today was also "be a good mom and pay attention to Elijah day." I decided he's watched enough TV to last the rest of the summer so I went to yahoo and searched for rainy day activities. No, it didn't rain today. But, it was 100 degrees and who really wants to go outside in that kind of heat? So, I typed in rainy day so as not to be bothered with any pesky fresh air ideas. Smart, aren't I? Anyway, I came across what I thought looked like a really fun, really simple, really crafty idea. "Window Art." Basically you get a bunch of old crayons and cut them into itty bitty pieces with a plastic knife. Then the kid arranges them on wax paper to create whatever it is they are creating that day. Then you put more wax paper over it and iron it together, melting the crayons and making "stained glass." Sounds great, huh? Its not. Not at all. It is, in fact, very bad. Cutting up crayons may sound easy...but I assure you that it is not. I look like I stuck my hands up inside a big ol' mama crayon and delivered her little crayon babies. Not pretty, but that is what my hands make me think of. Basically, crayon bombs went off in my finger nails. So, after the hour long cutting of the crayons, Elijah decided he wanted to make something "naturey." He arranged all the little pieces into a forest. It was great...really. Little colored bits of wax arranged to look like a forest. So, then I cover it with wax paper, set the iron to low and proceed to ruin his masterpiece and his day all in one go. Here was the end result:
Ok, for whatever stupid reason I can't seem to upload the picture. I'll try again later. Anyway, his "setting sun" that he worked so hard on squished all over the place. The trees are somewhat recognizable, though. I kept apologizing for ruining his picture, but he wasn't upset with me. He was mad at the iron. Damn iron, I don't care much for it either.

In other news, I played a lovely game of Monopoly Jr. with Elijah tonight. He won. At one point I got a chance card that directed me to "buy more ice." (If you don't know Monopoly Jr. , you basically set up lemonade stands and try to sell enough lemonade to take over the world.) Well, I was sick of buying more ice, so I said "Oh, not more *stupid* ice." To which my 6 year old replied, "Well, if ice is so *stupid* you can just drink warm water from now on." He didn't actually say HHHMMPPPH afterwards, but he did do the actions involved in HHHMMPPPHing. What a guy...sticking up for ice like that.


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