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Oh, no, Thank You!

Yesterday I began teaching Emma to say thank you. I figure people will be much more tolerant of her and her screaming tantrums if she atleast says Thank You when I finally cave in and give her what she wants. She is also learning how to self feed. So, this morning I scooped some applesauce in a bowl for her and let her go town. After she ate the bowl of applesauce without making a huge mess she told me "All Gone!" So I grabbed the bowl and headed to the kitchen to get "mo!" On my way to the kitchen, the sweet little heathen yelled Thank You! without being prompted by me. She just learned how to say the word yesterday...and already she is using it in the correct context. Sometimes this kid amazes me. So, this time I fill the bowl with yogurt which she proceeds to eat while I am playing on the computer. After a few seconds of silence, I hear the dreaded word "hat." If you are not a mother of a little person who is learning or has already learned to self feed, you will not understand when I say that I really considered offing myself right then. But, I decided to be brave and look at her...and here is what I found...

Which was of course followed by this...

You can't quite tell from the picture, but all that goopy yogurt on her chin is also spread througout her hair.
Which, of course, brings the following picture...(no, I promise I did not take pictures of me beating her!)

Thank you, Emma. Thank you for reminding me that a little yogurt never hurt anyone, and really, a bowl is a wonderful hat!


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